After local authorities ordered compulsory quarantine in 2014, and then built the wall around the city it became clear that Harran fell victim of something more than just an epidemy. An unknown disease turning people into zombies turned out to be equally voracious and lethal. Soon the Ministry of National Defense decided to bomb the area of the whole city, which would ultimately destroy the virus with all the infected.

The player takes control over Crane – a GER (Global Epidemiological Resort) agent whose mission is to restore a file that might help find the remedy for the zombieficating disease. He penetrates Harran where he witnesses a real zombie apocalypse – at this moment in a microscale.

Regardless on what destroys the city – the deadly virus or the ministry of defense – Harran’s days are numbered. Soon we’ll learn the further part of the story started in marvelous Dying Light which even after 3 years seems to exceed the competitors in many areas.

In the meantime, let’s have another run (and climbing) on the streets of Harran!