Tropico 6 El Presidente is back! This time he’s got more to say. This time the makers of this economical strategy game gave us control over not just one isle but a whole archipelago. This greatly extends our possibilities and also implies more challenging quests. As always, it depends on our decisions whether we make a real paradise or hell for our subordinates. It is essential to stay in power at any cost! We’ll lead our state through subsequent eras. We can make allies, we have to take care of roads and delivery of electricity, build bridges, etc. to let our inhabitants have a decent life. All that with a characteristic for this series pinch of humour. What’s interesting is that we can send our spies in order to steal the blueprints of buildings from other imperialists. Thanks to that we can import tremendous pieces of architecture to our paradise. Imagine the Eiffel Tower standing majestically among palms. Your people await for their beloved leader!