Imagine you’re tired with your everyday work. You deserve a break… or no, you deserve the best holiday in your entire life.
Then you arrive to Utopia 9, the perfect place. At least according to the adverts. Wonderful holiday, that’s what you’ve been promised.
Unless… there’s nothing right there. Instead of beaches and pools everything is covered by sand, everything around is trying to kill you. Other tourists turned into bloodthirsty mutants, although don’t feel helpless since the developers added a wide range of weapons, shields, and… mutations. Thanks to the polished character advancement system we can enhance our hero.
There are no checkpoints, death is permanent but it’s not the worst. With each death Utopia turns our body into an arch enemy which we need to confront in the next playthrough.
Procedurally generated levels are always surprising and we… we have to survive this holiday so that we can make a complaint at the travel agency.
Let’s go!