Spintires: MudRunner is a game for the manliest. The long awaited sequel of Spintires from 2014 once again will take us on a trip on Russian roadless tracks. Swamps, steppes, muddy fields, stone tracks, and wild rivers – transporting goods has never been more difficult and challenging.
This is not a simple racing game. Here the terrain and countless miles to drive trough are the actual enemy. What matters is the pressure in the tires, resistant bumpers, and a powerful Diesel engine under the hood.
An upgraded engine results in impressively looking weather conditions and realistic clouds of smoke emitted while going full speed. New trucks were polished to the tiniest details. Exhausting missions will let us test all the advantages and weaknesses of each vehicle. We have nine different maps which will also help with that.
The multiplayer mode allows collaborating with other players. Don’t wait any longer, take your fur caps and jackets. Time to drive through Siberian wilderness!