Indie Games Festival

The Independent Games Area attacks. The best Polish titles straight from young, talented publishers. Come and immerse yourself in fantastic worlds created by gifted and fertile minds, let yourself be absorbed in stylized platformers, exhausting logic puzzles, check your reflexes.

Retro Games Zone

Immerse yourself in cult titles that you will not miss. We have something and for fans of space atmospheres – atmospheric Starcraft, as well as for fans of fantasy – we invite you to a family game in Heores of Might and Magic 3. The climate of the nineties is waiting – nostalgia attacks with Doom, Wolfenstein and Mario!

Inn Gwint

Tired? We invite you to the inns in the Witismese game Gwint, where smartphones will appear with a card game. Test your abilities, challenge your friend’s duel. In the end, the monster hunters also need to rest.

Łomża Zero Esport Tour

The refreshment of the Polish esport and the adventure of the year for all e-sport enthusiasts begins their route not elsewhere, but during the Warsaw Games Show. Meetings with the stars: players of AGO Esports, well-known Youtuberemi and favorite TWITCH streamers, specially designed Free 2 Play Zone, contests with prizes and a lot of emotions and entertainment are not everything.


The largest Polish producer of building blocks, creating iconic models, also known from World of Tanks or World of Warships invites. The power of attractions awaits – a presentation of battle games, an exhibition of current and future models, mock-ups and a zone of free play.