Good news for those of you who have a Nintendo Switch console: the dinosaurs are coming!

We present to you a game situated in an alternative prehistoric reality. The developers somewhat liberally approached the time frame and gathered in one place, called Ark, not only various prehistoric species but also some fictional beasts.

We’ll have a chance to hunt for droll dodos, blazing phoenixes, triceratopses, saber-toothed tigers, and allozaurs; fight dragons and enormous worms. Most beasts can be tamed and ridden, and also used in other ways – dino cavalry sounds cool, innit?

Don’t be confused, it’s not an ordinary game where we get to eradicate piles of cannon fodder using a rifle or a bow. The enemies, both humans and animals, have a lot of cunning.

And us? We can found new settlements, use tamed animals for defense or attacks on hostile tribes. We’ll construct traps, install siege platforms on the backs of giant sauropods. All to survive.

Take your joycons (or your Pro Controller) and enter the land filled with monsters. Observe the world from a huge pteranodon’s back.